Clinical Trials Solutions

Clinical Trials can range from very small quantities to hundreds of shipments of Clinical Trial Materials (CTM) or Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP), many of which have limited thermal stability data available. Manufacturers are required to apply more cautious supply chain and storage strategies to comply with global regulatory agencies and ensure CTMs and IMPs are transported under optimal conditions between sites. Selecting a temperature monitoring solution is a critical component of setting up cold chain management, provisioning and distribution strategies for Clinical Trial Materials. Using validated temperature data loggers and software provides compliance with GDP and GSP guidelines, and can drastically reduce compromised products due to product temperature deviations and excursions. DeltaTrak offers validated, cost effective temperature monitoring solutions focused on CTM and IMP distribution, to ensure proper cold chain management during transport of these perishable goods as they travel through the supply chain to the recipient delivery point.
Clinical Trial Solutions

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